While I consider myself a citizen of the world (having both a British and Irish passport and having been brought up in Spain with American step-dads among others), if pressed to identify with a location it would be the wonderful city of Manchester.

This is the city where my kids have been raised in excellent schools in a multi-cultural society with a Northern “can do”, “call a spade a spade”, “hello love” affability and down-to-earth pragmatism. This cradle of the industrial revolution is a wonderful, open-minded place well-connected to the wider world, happy to follow its own dreams and inspirations.

Tomorrow I am attending the Mayor of Greater Manchester’s – Andy Burnham – Green Summit (along with some 500 other interested folks, I hasten to add). In advance of the meeting I was asked to make a pledge on what I or my company could do to support the ambition to make Greater Manchester a leading Green City Region.

I decided that to commit to:

“Making available Niall Enright’s book ‘Energy and Resource Efficiency without the tears, the complete guide to adding value and sustaining change in an organization’ to any Manchester individual or organization free of charge as a PDF. This acclaimed, highly practical, 840-page book will support the Mayor and GMCA’s ambition for Manchester to realize world-class efficiency in its use of energy and resources.”

I appreciate that this book is already available to any interested person but for organisations in Greater Manchester I will also extend an offer to field a telephone call or email to help them put into practice any of the techniques and methods set out in the book. You see, I really do want Manchester to succeed and be an inspiration to others.

To get the PDF simply add it to the basket on this page and then checkout…


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