In 2017, SustainSuccess started its own publishing imprint, IWIK.

This followed the discovery that publishing non-fiction titles in the field of energy and resource efficiency is very challenging from a financial standpoint.

Although we had a publishing deal from a leading publisher, for our first title, Energy and Resource Efficiency without the tears“, the only way the publisher could make the title work was by setting a very high price.

Given the aspirations to distribute free copies of our books, to print-on-demand (which is usually more expensive than traditional printing) and to keep prices as low as possible, we chose instead to publish our first book ourselves.

Writing the book was the easy part! Other tasks included:

  • Laying out the book (using InDesign)
  • Buying stock images
  • Getting permissions for quotes and images used
  • Designing a cover
  • Getting ISBN numbers
  • Choosing a print method (using LightningSource)
  • Employing a top-class editor to edit and proofread the book
  • Establishing distribution via IngramSpark, and setting trade discount rates
  • Working out the “drop-shipping” pricing to sell direct to readers
  • Creating a webstore (using woocommerce) for customers
  • Developing the huge package of companion files and resources
  • Getting endorsements, quotes and reviews in advance of launch

We are developing some ideas for further volumes in the Energy and Resource Efficiency field. We also expect to continue to contribute occasional articles and features for publications like “the environmentalist”, the house-journal of IEMA.

Our clients can count on a highly professional writing service from us.


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