With two long-time software applications developers in the team SustainSuccess are extremely conscious of the importance of ease of use in any software tool. The excel tools we have developed have been created to meet specialist requirements of sustainability, energy and resource efficiency programs which are not catered for by mainstream business applications. Here are a few of the SustainSuccess tools that are in use in energy and resource efficiency programs globally.

If you have a requirement for a software tool we will be happy to advise on the availability of commercial tools or give you a quotation for developing a solution for you. We currently program largely in Excel and other Office Applications. If you are interested in one of the applications shown below please click on the title for more details.


From SustainSuccess






Maturity Matrices

This is an example of a bespoke Maturity Matrix developed for an energy efficiency program which includes ratings against the ISO 50001 standard and many other advanced features.





Monitoring and Targeting

This powerful excel 2003-2010 spreadsheet is highly customisable and includes multi-currency features as well as the ability to switch languages dynamically.




Marginal Abatement Curves

Click on the image for a larger view of a sample output from MACC Builder Pro.

This tool is used extensively from organisations ranging from the UN in Vietnam to the Great Barrier Marine Park Authority in Australia.





Lighting Hours Tool [Free]

This is free tool that provides the hours of darkness for a given location. This  can be used to assess the energy used for lighting in certain applications, such as exterior illumination, car parks or street lights.



Other Tools

Below are some of the other tools from third parties that we find particularly useful in our work. Click on the titles to be taken to the relevant website.

waterfallWaterfall ChartsJohn Peltier has developed a range of very useful add-ins to extend Excel’s charting capabilities – one of which is the Waterfall chart which I use a great deal. His site is a fantastic training resources for Excel users of all abilities.

Degree Days

Bizee Degree Days provide fee-of charge degree day downloads for any location in the Wunderground database plus reasonably priced advanced options.



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