Welcome to this web-site.

We have called our business SustainSuccess to convey our passion to help others make a success of Sustainability.

Sustainability is now firmly on the agenda of many organisations. The question is no longer “why” but “how”. As Consultants with over 50 year’s combined experience we have seen more than our fair share of organisations grapple with this huge and complex subject.

We believe that everyone has the right to use energy for their homes, schools, hospitals, factories and that this use is good and noble if it helps lift millions of people out of poverty. Similarly we accept that natural resources are vital to make the goods and provide the services that support our progress.


The challenge is “how to do more with less”


So how do we address this challenge? One way of looking at it is to recognise that every day we make decisions (as people and as organisations) that influence the resources that we use. If folks understand the impact and value of those decisions, then their ability to navigate these huge challenges is transformed.


Sustainability is fundamentally about informed decision-making


As sustainability practitioners we have an especially important role. Our knowledge and our communication skills can greatly influence the decisions that our customers make. Sometimes – not always – we can solve the immediate problem in a way that strengthens our customer’s ability to make informed decisions in the long term. You know… “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”.

The prize, if we get this right, is an invigorated client, with a culture of continuous improvement, who can outcompete and outperform in the market. And who leaves behind a better planet for the generations that will succeed us.

The more that we, as consultants, are able to move our value creation from short-term compliance or fire-fighting, to long term capacity building and empowerment, the greater our impact. If we take this to be self-evident then, in addition to delivering real change for client, we also have a duty to engage with fellow practitioners to develop this approach and the skills required. Both to learn and to share.

So, in short, our mission at SustainSuccess is:

To deliver outstanding results for customers and support best practices in our profession.



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