janegallowayJane Galloway has over 25 years’ experience in energy efficiency and low carbon energy consulting, spanning in-depth audits, technology assessments and solutions development through to operational, strategic and management aspects of energy use.

She has worked across a wide range of sectors and with many established, as well as emerging, technologies, so she is able to bring to projects practical insights that can add substantial value. Her attention to detail, the rigour with which she approaches projects and the integrity of her advice are greatly appreciated by clients and colleagues.

She has particular expertise in complex industrial process environments, especially in the food and drink sector and food retail establishments in the commercial sector. In terms of technologies, Jane’s experience is wide-ranging: however she is especially strong in all aspects of refrigeration. Work in refrigeration has included energy reduction programs, refrigerant phase out strategy studies, performance specification for new plant, cooling load assessments, modelling and strategy studies. She is a Member of the Institute of Refrigeration.

Complementing this strong engineering competency, is an equal knowledge of the management and organisational aspects of energy use, which are increasingly seen as the key to successful energy efficiency and carbon management programs. This expertise includes an in-depth understanding of Monitoring and Targeting (or M&T, a technique to achieve continuous improvement in energy use), through to the integration of energy efficiency within wider organisational systems such as TPM.

Jane has developed and presented an extensive portfolio of training and workshop materials, covering subjects including refrigeration, audit techniques and M&T.

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  • BA (Hons) Chemical Engineering, University of Cambridge,1984
  • MA (Hons) Chemical Engineering, University of Cambridge,1988

Key Industry Sectors

  • Food and Drink
  • Manufacturing
  • Chemicals
  • Water and Wastewater Treatment
  • Supermarkets and other retailers
  • Hotels
  • Programme Assistance (e.g. DECC Energy Technology List)

  • Fields of Competence

    • Energy Efficiency Reviews
    • Refrigeration and Air Conditioning
    • Heat Pumps
    • Process Energy Use including Boiler Systems, Heating Systems, Compressed Air Systems, Motors & Drives and Controls
    • Carbon/Energy Management
    • Carbon Footprinting
    • Renewables/Low Carbon Technologies
    • Monitoring and Targeting (M&T)
    • Certified ESOS Lead Assessor
    • Independent Energy Auditor Services
Registered ESOS Lead Assessor


Member of the Institute of Refrigeration


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