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    Volume I – Framework Volume II – Techniques
    1. Getting Started
    2. Contemporary ideas
    3. Value
    4. Resource efficiency is not easy
    5. A Framework
    6. Mandate
    7. Method
    8. Momentum
    9. Creating a Mandate
    10. Developing a Strategy
    11. Goals
    12. Discovery
    13. Meters
    14. Analysing Data
    15. Measuring and Verifying Savings
    16. Presenting Data
    17. Financial Analysis
    18. Funding for Improvement
    19. People
    20. Driving Improvement
    21. ISO 50001:2018
    22. Disclosure
    23. Systems and Design

    This is what people are saying about the book:

    For anyone interested in a practical guide to improving resource and energy efficiency, this is the one and only book you need to own.” – Dr Steve Fawkes, Managing Partner, EnergyPro, author of “Energy Efficiency

    A very practical book which covers all the bases for practitioners and students of energy and resource efficiency alike.” – Tim Sullivan, Director Energy & Property Compliance, Rolls-Royce.

    Niall Enright has produced a remarkably comprehensive manual for energy efficiency, which combines high-level insights and practical tips for developing and implementing projects and programs” – Donald Gilligan, President NAESCO

    An authoritative and comprehensive book that will help any organisation justify and implement an effective energy and resource efficiency programme.” – Ray Gluckman, former President of the Institute of Refrigeration

    Niall Enright’s ‘Energy and Resource Efficiency: Without the Tears’ may be the definitive resource for making sense of energy efficiency and all of its attendant benefits. Niall resists issuing imperatives or moral ultimatums. Instead, he begins with the practical wants and needs of decision-makers, and shows how energy efficiency satisfies those priorities. Accordingly, the reader is rewarded with discussions of investments instead of costs, solutions instead of projects, and opportunities instead of distractions. A timely alternative to searching through thirty years worth of literature. Christopher Russell, Visiting Fellow, Industrial Programs,  American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy,  author of “Managing Energy from the Top Down

    About the author:

    Niall Enright is a graduate of Cambridge University, a Fellow of the Energy Institute and a Chartered Energy Manager who has worked on hundreds of energy and resource efficiency programmes worldwide since the early 1990s. This experience was gained as both a director and senior project manager for several leading global consulting firms, as well as a change agent within large and complex organizations. He now runs his own small consulting business, SustainSuccess Ltd, which provides support to clients worldwide.

    Niall passionately believes that energy and resource efficiency practitioners have a critical role in addressing one of the most pressing problems of our age: “how to do more with less”.  Making EREWTT available free of charge is just one of the contributions that SustainSuccess makes to delivering a better future, alongside charitable donations and pro-bono work.


    Our mission

    To deliver outstanding results for customers and support best practices in our profession.

    Energy and Resource Efficiency without the tears

    Niall Enright’s book was published in June 2017 and last updated in September 2018.

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    Ideas and Challenges

    Despite self-congratulatory case studies to the contrary, the reality is that Sustainability and Resource Efficiency are NOT EASY to implement successfully in organisations.

    In a series of blogs, articles, book reviews, and extracts from Niall Enright's book you will find hints, tips and suggestions to make Sustainability a Success.

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