Printing and Shipping

When you order Energy and Resource Efficiency without the tears it is printed just for you!

To further improve the environmental performance, transport is minimised as the book is shipped directly from the printer in the UK to you, avoiding any handling by IWIK or SustainSuccess. All the orders are shipped from the UK because to print them in the US and Australia for local customers (where the printers, LightningSource have facilities) would mean hugely complex local sales tax implications, beyond the resources of a small business like mine. However, it may well be the case that orders via other sellers, like or, will have been printed in the US or Australia.

When your order is received, I will input it to LightiningSouce’s order system, entering your name and address as the delivery destination. This is called “drop shipping”.

The timing of an order depends on two aspects – the print time and the shipping method. These are selected in the “postage” option when you order a book. For example an option might be Rush Print, Premium Shipping. The timing of these for various destinations are set out in the table below.


Regular Service  Usually ships in 5 business days
Express Service  Usually ships in 2 business days 
Rush Service  Usually ships 1 business day (£5 extra)
Regular Service  Usually ships in 7 business days
Express Service  Usually ships in 4 business days
Rush Service  Usually ships 2 business days (£5 extra)


Destination  Premium Rush
UK Trackable delivery to most addresses in the U.K. by the next business day (add one extra business day for deliveries to Northern Ireland and Scottish highlands and islands). Not offered.
EU Trackable delivery to most EU destinations within 2 -7 business days. Please refer to EU Country List below. Suitable for all parcel sizes. Delivery to most EU destinations within 2 business days.
ROW  Trackable delivery to nearly 200 countries within 2 to 3 business days Not available.


Stated timing for Premium Deliveries to Europe are as follows:

2 days Ireland, Belgium, Channel Islands, Luxemburg, Netherlands
2-3 days France, Germany
3 days Austria, Denmark, Switzerland
3-4 days Spain, Spanish Islands
3-5 days Russian Federation
4 days Italy, Latvia
4-5 days Portugal, Romania
5 days Sweden
5-6 days Finland
6 days Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Norway, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia
6-7 days Estonia, Lithuania, Turkey


For full details see LightningSources’ shipping methods information.


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Energy and Resource Efficiency without the tears

Niall Enright’s book was published in June 2017 and last updated in September 2018.

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Free Lighting Hours Tool

We were so frustrated at SustainSuccess with trying to find daylight hour tables for client locations that we wrote our own Excel/Google Maps/NOAA “mashup” to calculate lighting hours for any location on Earth! We are providing it FREE to fellow practitioners. Simply fill in this form and we’ll send you a download link.


Ideas and Challenges

Despite self-congratulatory case studies to the contrary, the reality is that Sustainability and Resource Efficiency are NOT EASY to implement successfully in organisations.

In a series of blogs, articles, book reviews, and extracts from Niall Enright's book you will find hints, tips and suggestions to make Sustainability a Success.

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