Peel Land and Property Group – ISO 50001 system certified for another 3 years




At SustainSuccess we are passionate about helping our clients achieve long-term value from their sustainability initiatives.

Back in 2014, we helped set up Peel Land and Property’s energy management system. When, in 2015, the system was formally certified to the ISO 50001:2011 standard, Peel Land and Property became the first major UK property company to gain this certification.

The Peel 50001 system has been very successful because it has focused on the value-adding aspects of the standard, and because it was built around the ideas and ways of working of the Energy Champions who have day-to-day ownership of the process. Peel’s success can be seen in the outcomes – the energy savings delivered by the team has reached £1.6m a year on a bill of just over £4m – that’s an improvement of over 30%!

Another aspect to appreciate is that the system involved a lot of folks across a huge portfolio of properties: the Peel Land and Property offices portfolio including iconic large office buildings like the Venus and Victoria in Manchester; EventCity, the leading event and conference centre in the North; MediaCityUK, the vibrant new centre for creative industries in Salford; Gloucester Quays and the Lowry Outlet Mall; as well as Robin Hood and Tees Valley Airports.

Achieving certification is one thing, but maintaining it is, in some ways, even more challenging. This is where the hard work and enthusiasm of all participants really counts. Joanne Holden took over SustainSuccess’ role in the system when she joined Peel as Sustainability Manager in 2017. She has taken on the 50001 process with gusto and steered Peel through its first formal re-certification to the standard in 2018. What was remarkable is that the re-certification audit found no major and no minor non-conformities, indeed there were no observations! That is a truly remarkable accomplishment.

How do we feel at SustainSuccess? Well we couldn’t be happier that Jo has taken the baby we helped deliver and is bringing new ideas and focus to the process! The true test of success is when we become redundant!



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