New version of MACCBuilderPro soon

MBP_MACC_ExampleWe are delighted to announce that there will be a new version of MACCBuilderPro released shortly. This version has some very neat features which you can see by clicking on the thumbnail image on the left. The changes and improvements have come about from suggestions from existing users of MACCBuilderPro.

Users of all previous versions will receive a free upgrade to the new version as soon as it is released, while new users will be delighted to hear that the price has been kept at the same low cost of just £85.00, around €100 or $136.00. SustainSuccess has chosen to keep the pricing this low in order to enable as many emissions, energy and resource efficiency practitioners as possible to incorporate high-quality MACC analysis into their research and reports.

As previously, a full demo version will be made available so that all the functionality can be tested using a number of typical data-sets or on up to 6 of your own projects.

What’s New in version 3

  • Callouts  to provide additional project labelling options
    • Easy to use: Drag and drop for fine positioning (not Excel 2003)
    • Complete control: Override colour and text on individual call-outs for additional emphasis
    • Choice of various label options
  • New “direct” entry mode
    • Speeds up MACC Creation from known data
  • New Export options
    • Save directly to image formats
    • Create Word and PowerPoint documents
    • Paste chart object for further control within Office documents
  • Compatibility
    • Windows 8 tested
    • Now tested in Excel 2003 to 2013 and 64-Bit office versions where applicable
    • No longer wrapped up in an “.exe” for copy protection
  • Countless further usability and control options
    • Place a horizontal “Index” value on a chart (e.g. a Carbon Price)
    • Customise the X-Axis scale and new option to place the X-Axis under the Chart
    • Graphs can now be Regular, Medium and Large sizes
    • Easily modify the Y-Axis scale for additional control
    • New “Desert”, “Monochrome” and “Grayscale” Styles
    • Data entry for IRR charts made easier

There will be a further announcement when the new release goes live. Many thanks for all the user comments that helped set the priorities for this release.


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