Bright_MACCVersion 3 of MACCBuilderPro was released yesterday. It has a huge number of enhancements designed to make the creation of Marginal Abatement Cost Curves within Excel even easier. Now shipping as a native Excel workbook, existing features like colour-coded categories, design Styles and flexible project listing have all been enhanced. New features include Callouts to label projects, additional file saving options, a “Direct” data entry mode, links with PowerPoint as well as Word, and a host of other powerful features.

This is an indispensable tool for all energy efficiency, emissions policy or sustainability professionals. SustainSuccess offers MACCBuilderPro for a remarkably low cost with the intention of enabling as many people as possible to discover the power of MACC analysis. Existing users of MACCBuilderPro will all receive a free upgrade to this new release.

The thumbnail MACC is deliberately bright! It uses a built-in style called “Rainbow”. At the other end of the scale is “Monochrome”, which is illustrated below. Switching from one Style to the other is as simple as selecting the Style you want from a drop-down list. Naturally all the Styles are fully editable.


MACCBuilderPro ships with an updated 24 page FAQ which will help users get up and running quickly.

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