Just to let folks know that I have updated my Book Energy and Resource Efficiency without the tears – the complete guide to adding value and sustaining change in an organisation.

The ability to change the text frequently is one reason why we have chosen to go with “print on demand”. The other is that it has a lower environmental impact as supply matches orders.

The chapter on ISO 50001 has been completely updated as the standard has moved from 50001:2011 to 50001:2018. There have been other updates and corrections throughout the text including checking and updating all the web links in the 800+ bibliography at the end of the book.

The free PDF has been updated as well as the print editions. Please do download the free PDF rather than buy a print version – not only is that more resource efficient but you will always have the up to date version! However, if you absolutely insist on buying a print version, then please do order it through this site.

There have been some price increases in the print version, as follows:

  • The paperback is increasing from £59.99 to £74.00 (US$79.99 to US$99.00)
  • The hardback is increasing from £79.99 to £89.00 (US$109.99 to US$129.00)

The price rises are due to an increase in printing costs but mainly because third-party vendors require a larger margin than I have been previously willing to offer, in order to list the book in their sites/stores. I have held the prices as low as possible – this is not a money-making project – but I have reached the conclusion that I do need the book to appear on sites like Amazon and bookstores, if it is to reach a wider audience.

Please continue to send me suggestions for improvement and errata – I really appreciate these.

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